Adam Lopez



Adam Lopez

Two time Guinness World Record Holder for singing the highest vocal note by a male singer!

After graduating from High School, Lopez went on to study Opera to further develop his passion for singing and vocal technique.  It was during vocal warm-ups in a practice studio that he discovered his voice was a little unusual… He could sing notes near the top end of the piano!  Lopez’s curiosity lead him to further develop his vocal range to great extremes but also placed high importance on making the stratospheric notes musical and fully connected along with the rest of his vocal registers.

In March of 2003, Lopez decided to test the waters with Guinness World Records to see if his unusual vocal ability qualified him as a Record Holder by singing the note D7, which is the last D on a Grand Piano.  This feat caught the attention of the Australian Television production of Guinness World Records in 2005 resulting in being invited to perform his high vocal notes in the Seven Network Studios in Sydney along with a live audience and Guinness World Records Officials.  Though quite nervous, Lopez smashed his own world record by singing 11 semitones higher and setting a new World Record by reaching C Sharp in the 8th Octave. One semi-tone higher than a Grand Piano.  This achievement has astounded audiences from all around the world leading him to perform and appear on international television and radio stations in Japan, Spain, Italy, Korea, Hong Kong and the USA.

Apart from smashing World Records, Adam Lopez has worked solidly as a Session Vocalist in Recording Studios, Lead Singer in a number of Cover Bands, Vocal Coach as well as professional Backing Vocalist for a number of international artists such as Keith Urban, Mariah Care and the list goes on…  All of his jobs would often mount to 18hr days back to back but somehow was able to put in time for his other passion, Song Writing.

After the success of two self-releases for the initial intent of personal gratification, Lopez was contracted by ABC Music to release a fiery, Latin album in Australia and New Zealand.  Today, his song writing journey continues and his finished album “Kaleidoscope” is scheduled for release in 2014.

One of the most interesting things about Kaleidoscope was how the album was assembled.  Rewinding the clock back to late 2011, Lopez stumbled upon the audio production from Matt Pop while flicking through channels on TV.  Without further ado, Lopez emailed Pop complimenting him on his work and expressing his interest in working with him in the future.

As conversations ensued, Lopez and Pop agreed to work together on a recording project.  The process was simple; Lopez would write songs in Australia, record all of the vocal parts along to a self-produced demo track and email the files along with a single-page chord chart to Pop in the Netherlands.  After a couple of weeks, Lopez’s song would return as a beautifully produced work with faithful chord progressions and perfectly in synch with the pre-recorded vocals.  Almost hard to believe that Lopez and Pop assembled an entire album solely via email; never once having a verbal conversation!

It’s an exciting time for Adam Lopez and his fans.  But what’s the new album like?  A Retro/Pop fusion of Heart-Felt Ballads, Catchy Mid-Tempos and Club-Pumping Dance tracks with fabulous production and both impressive and expressive vocals by Lopez’s fascinating voice.